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Sweet Spoons N Things


I am back! This time we are going to be taking a closer look at a small business called Sweet Spoons N Things. This is a business I came across on FB when I was looking for ideas on how to decorate this holiday season. This business specializes in seasonal decor. She has a very specific type of decor she makes which I love.

She makes customized little spoons that are themed to any decor style you are looking for. These are the perfect pop to add a cute tiered tray or any other small display you are decorating for. Sweet Spoons N Things was so nice to send me over a few different spoons to share with you all. She sent me over her gingerbread themed spoons along with her grinch themed one. I wont even lie to you guys these spoons totally inspired me and I planned a whole gingerbread display around these dang spoons lol. I absolutely love these and love how simple they are.


The amount of detail she puts in each one is quite amazing too. If you are looking for any decor pieces for this holiday season for your small displays or tiered trays I highly recommend checking out Sweet Spoons N Things to see how she can help you make your displays that much more festive. I am so excited to add this to my Christmas decor and use them each year when I decorate! I hope I am able to collab with Sweet Spoons N Things in the future because she has a ton of other cute spoons listed in her shop that I totally have my eye on lol! Thank you so much to Sweet Spoons N Things for collabing with me! I wish you and your small business all the best of luck this upcoming holiday season! Go check her out!


Check out their links here:

IG: @sweetspoonsnthings

FB: Sweet Spoons N Things


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