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TenNC Designs

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to my blog ! Today we are going to be taking a closer look at a small business named TenNC Designs. I found this shop while browsing through instagram, which is where I usually find my favorite businesses. The shop owner first started off with just selling digital designs for products that customers could buy to create their own products which is pretty cool! Now she has expanded her business and now sells the actual products with the designs already created with them. When first browsing her site I was super impressed with how many creative designs that she had for sale. I seen so many that really caught my eye. I am lucky enough to have been gifted two shirts to share with you guys today!

Both designs that I will be sharing with you guys today are definitely "summer vibes" which is super trendy right now for the summer. This first design is the "Ocean Addict". I love this shirt for many reasons. I love how simple it is but also how vibrant the blue is in the design. This is going to be the perfect shirt to wear to the beach. I also really love how the actual shirt it self is white white is usually the color I like to wear when I am in the heat since it's a little more cooling. Being in Florida it's usually so hot lol so staying a little cool is super important to me!

The the last shirt she sent me over to share with you guys is this one that says "Beach please". This is my favorite shirt out of the two! First I love the color scheme for this one. Pink is my favorite color as most of you probably already know that. The color's in this shirt are just gorgeous and it really looks just like a sunset. I love the contrast of these gorgeous colors against the white background of the shirts too! I'm super impressed with the quality of these shirts. They are printed super nice and feel really durable. I know these are going to be a staple in my closet during the summer time. The actual shirts that these designs are printed on are super soft as well. I am so glad I was able to work with TenNC Designs to show you what they are all about! Make sure you check out their links below and make sure you are following my instagram @daniibabii1119. I will be posting some photos of me wearing these shirts during the summer for sure!

I want to give a big thank you to TenNC Designs for sending me these nice graphic tee's I just love them and your shop! I wish you all the best and hope to work with you again in the near future!

Check out TenNC Designs here:

IG @tenncdesigns

Etsy page:

FB page: Tennc Designs LLC

FB group :TenNC Designs LLC VIP (


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