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The Blue Fairy

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back to my website! I am so excited to share with you all this small business I discovered on instagram when I was browsing! It's called the Blue Fairy. This boutique features all kinds of fashion pieces from clothing, sunglasses, jewelry and so much more. Some of the most popular brands that they feature are Buddy Love, Quay Australia, Swig and Sheila Falj. Today I will be sharing with you all something I am very excited about! The Blue Fairy was so generous to send me one of their Bling Boxes, which is this mystery box of items! These are listed for $25 on the website and the contents value is usually double! These are soooo fun! I was so excited to hear that this was the item they wanted me to feature! I am a sucker so mystery boxes and things like this, so this is totally something I would purchase for myself.

Upon hearing that my box had shipped out I was super excited to find out what was inside! As you can see from the photo my bling box contents were amazing! I received 5 items and three stickers which I was not expecting at all so this was truly a nice surprise for sure!

The first item I will be sharing with you all is by the brand pure vida which is a super popular brand that I am sure you have heard of. I have a few accessory pieces from them and I just adore them. I was super excited to see this in my package for sure. This is called the Moonstone Double Stone Ring. This is a pretty simple ring which is totally my style. I love wearing pieces like this becuase you are able to wear them with really anything which is perfect. I love the rose gold as well! This is gorgeous and retails for $20.00 on it's own.

Next up we have another jewelry piece. This one is a pair of dangle earrings. These are super fun and adorable. These stars and moons are just the perfect little thing to accessorize your outfits with. I will say these are something I probably wouldnt pick out on my own but I am very excited to have seen these in my package too. I think these would really glam up any outfit and add just the perfect amount of sparkle to your outfit. These earrings alone retail for $21.00 on the blue fairy website.

The next item in my package was this Gigi Baroque Pearl Silicone Bracelet. This is another piece I could style a million ways which is something I always look for in m jewelry pieces. I really love this bracelet. This is going to be a great piece that I can style up or down. I love the look of this bracelet and think it looks great all by itself or even will be perfect when I wear a ton of bracelets which I tend to do quite a lot. This bracelet it available in a ton of different colors on the website too!! This bracelet retails alone for $19.99!

The next item they included in my bling box are these earring studs. These are not listed on their website and these were considered more of an extra freebie which is awesome! These are adorable little studs that I know I will wear all the time because they are super simple too! I think these are going to be my new favorite earrings to be honest lol. I love how sparkley these are!

The last item I will be sharing with you all is this No touch keychain. I have never seen anything like this and I think this is a genius idea! This is a keychain you can bring with you everywhere, and instead of using your fingers to press button on atms, checkout pin pads, elevator buttons, or evening opening doors you just use this little keychain instead! This is beyond perfect and I know I will be using this a ton!! These are available in a ton of different color options on their website. I received this blue one which I love! These retail for $12.00


As you can see from the contents of what was inside my bling box this truly went above and beyond what the price of the actual box was! I am amazed with how many amazing pieces I received and they sell these for just $25.00! This is an incredible deal! I am truly blown away! This boutique has soooo many gorgeous pieces I highly suggest checking them out! Make sure you use the code DANI and you will get15% off!

here is the link to get your own Bling Box

Check them out here:

I just want to give a big thank you to The Blue Fairy for working with me and sending me this bling box it has been such a pleasure and I wish you the best and hope to work with you again in the future!


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