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The Busy Bee Factory


Welcome back everyone! I am back with another small business to share with you all! This business is actually an etsy shop that is called The Busy Bee Factory. They were so amazing that they sent me over some adorable pieces to share with you all. This shop specializes in seasonal decor which I am sure you all know how much I love seasonal decor. This post is going to focus mostly on her Christmas decor but she has sooo much more then just Christmas items listed in her shop.

The 1st couple of items she sent me over is this adorable set of Fake Milk and cookies. You can purchase these pieces separately or if you are interested in both you can get them together. The set comes with two cookies and one milk. The retail price for the set is $32.00 which is such a great deal. I am amazed with the detail on these and how real they look too. These are so amazing to decorate with and look so cute by themselves or the perfect little touch on a tiered tray which is my favorite way to style these.

Next up we have another set of adorable cookies. These ones are Santa's glove and Santa's hat. These are amazing! Again I am amazed with how real these look. I put these on my table in my dining room and couldn't believe how real they look. These can also be purchased together or separately. These retail for $18.00 for the set. They also come in a little box which is super cute. I really love these and can't wait to decorate with these!

Next up we have a set of Gingerbread macaroons which are so cute!!! I am obsessed with these. This year I chose to do a gingerbread tiered tray and these were the perfect litle finishing touches to my tray. I love how simple these are but they are sooooo cute. I have never seen something like these before and love them! These retail for $9.00 each!

When I think of Christmas cookies this is always the 1st vision that I have in my head. A little green frosted Christmas Tree cookie. This is the classic Christmas cookie and it's my favorite. Again obsessed with how real these cookies look I can hardly believe that they are actually fake. I love them all!

Up next we have something a little different that I have been sharing with you. This is one of her wooden signs she has listed in her shop. This one says I just want to bake stuff and watch Christmas movies, which is story of my life lol. This sign is thick enough to stand up on is own so it's perfect for a little tiered tray or to place on a shelf! I love the different colors of vinyl on this adorable sign!

The last item that she sent over to me is hands down my favorite one. This is a memorial sign for the holidays and I just love it. I never knew how much I wanted a piece like this till I got it. I lost my dad two years ago and this is the perfect way to remember him this time of the year. I placed this in my living room by tree with one of my favorite photos of him and I and I just love it. I plan on using it this year at my big family Christmas dinner and I think it's going to be perfect.

I want to give a big thank you to The Busy Bee Factory for sending me over these products I am obsessed with everything that you sent over and can't wait to pull these pieces out every Christmas and decorate with them. I am so impressed with the quality of everything and all the hard work and details you include in each piece. I wish you all the best and hope to work with you again in the future. Make sure you all go check out The Busy Bee Factory you will not be disappointed!

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