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The Cozy T Shop

Heyyy Everyone!

Welcome back to my site! I am here with another wonderful small business that would be the perfect place to shop for gifts this upcoming holiday season. In this post were are going to be looking at The Cozy T Shop which offers unique t-shirts, hoodies and crew necks from Sm-3XL in most styles. They can also accommodate larger sizes upon request which is really nice! The Cozy T Shop sent me over three products to share with you guys and I am so excited about these. Every year my fiance and myself like to match on Christmas Eve, and we like to make it fun. So this year when I came across The Cozy T Shop I knew this would be the perfect place for us to get some fun holiday outfits!

The 1st item she sent over is a green crew neck which is actually for my fiance. We both looked at this listed in The Cozy T Shop and we knew we had to have it lol! This design says " I like them real thick and Sprucey" which is so funny! We both liked it a lot. I love how this design also feature some Christmas Trees on it as well which is super cute.

Next up we have the design I chose which is something inspired by Christmas Vacation and if you don't get this reference shame on you!!!! LOL. Christmas vacation is my all time favorite Christmas movie so when I seen this listed in her shop I knew that I needed to own it lol. This design she actually printed on a white crew neck for me which I really like. I like how the design of this one is all black and it really pops on the white crew neck.

The last item she included in my package is this T shirt, which I was no expecting which was a really nice surprise. I love this design because I love Halloween too and this is something I could wear around Halloween and around Christmas time which is really great! I love how soft this t shirt is too! I am over all really impressed with the three products I received from The Cozy T Shop. I think everything is super high quality and made really well. You can really see all the time in effort she puts into making all her creations for her customers. I love all the designs she has listed in her shop too. She truly has something for everyone. I want to give a huge shout out to The Cozy T Shop for working with me and sending over these products. I really love them all and I wish you all the best! I hope to work with you again in the future!


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