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The Healing Fawn Inner Child Work & Somatic Therapy

About The Owner

Meet Serena Franchini, the owner of her small business The Healing Fawn Inner Child Work & Somatic Therapy. She has been a Registered Nurse for 15 years, Her passion always been in healing/helping people. Serena has a 9 year old son, who is her world. His name is Anthony. They are a very close family, and they also have one dog and one cat. Serena is a big animal lover. She love all things spiritual and wellness. Meditation, Dance, being in Nature, by the water. Another one of her favorite hobbies is decorating her home to create the most peaceful environment.

History Of The Business

Her Own Personal journey led her to opening her own business about 6 months ago. Her journey led her to a place where her inner child was running the show, she had to navigate the world of talk therapy Knowing what she needed to heal, but not many available modalities at that time, So she chose to go back to school to learn and become certified as Somatic therapy Practitioner along with several other certifications. She firmly believe that most problems we face as adults stem from unhealed childhood wounds. Serena believes that if people work on their inner child healing and regulating nervous system states they will see Healthier versions of themselves.

About The Business

She offers a variety of services that can be face to face, or virtual, In groups and individually and families. Inner child work and somatic therapy packages/workshops that involve working together there a method Serena created-1. Denial/Awareness, 2. Connecting to Inner Child 3. Soothing the inner child. 4. Considering your inner child 5. Including your inner child. In her packages she can also do one session where you both would do assessments together based on childhood, body awareness, self worth, relationship history to tailor the session to clients specific needs and goals. She has Somatic therapy sessions aside from inner child work which focus on client reconnecting mind and body through various exploratory exercises, to get in touch with there felt senses, work with memories that arise, and restructure those body memories to a place of completion, which occurs over many cycles. She also offers family co regulated meditation which is great for couples and family desiring to connect/reconnect. Inner Child Work with Relationship coaching, this service focuses on helping people who are in repetitive cycles of unhealthy or unsuccessful relationships. How we manage relationships as adults is linked to our childhood relationships with our parents, and our attachment styles.

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