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The Lace Tractor

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back to my blog! In today's post we are going to be taking a closer look at small business called The Lace Tractor. The owner LacyLee specializes in car freshies, to vinyl decals, to hats, and Libby cups. The Lace Tractor was nice enough to send me over some products to share with you all and I am excited about these items!

The first item is what she most known for which are her freshies. The Thing I really like most about these is that they are really customizable which makes them perfect for anyone! She offers 30+ different shapes, 20+ different colors, and 25+ scents to choose from. You can also add glitter, fringe and stones to any of the freshies too which is also the perfect finishing touch. The options I chose were the LV shape, in the color pink and the scent I picked was gain, which smells like laundry. I also decided to add some glitter to my freshie, because why the heck not?! Lol. I am a huge glitter fan and knew that it would look perfect. When this arrived at my doorstep I was blown away with the size of it. I had no idea they were that big in size! Also I could smell the scent right away through the packaging which I thought was amazing. This matches the inside of my car perfectly and it smells amazing! I am obsessed!!!!

The next item she included in my package was this adorable "Hello Beautiful" vinyl decal. I love the way she advertises these for rear view mirrors. I think this is the perfect place for this decal. I would have never thought to place it on the mirror in the car but it's really a cute touch to add to your car. She sent me over one in the color pink which as you all can probably guess I am a big fan of that lol. The inside of my car is all pink so this really just completes the set. I am a huge fan of this decal! This would also look really cute on mirror of your sun visors too! ( I might just have to order a few more lol!)

The last item I have to share with you all was an item I was not expecting to receive at all! This item was a complete surprise that The Lace Tractor wanted to send over to me. She sent me over an adorable yellow trucker hat that says "Sunshine and summer time". I was actually in need of a hat for the summer time so this was really the most perfect surprise. I really love how this hat is bright yellow. It is truly the perfect hat for summer! I want to give a big thank you to The Lace Tractor for working with me! I highly recommend all of you go check out The Lace Tractor especially for her freshies! You will be so glad you did!

Check out The Lace Tractor here:


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