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The Magical Gnomes

Hiii everyone!

I have a shop to share with you all today that is so different from anyone I have worked with before. I'm sure you are familiar with Gnomes. I have been seeing them everywhere! They have been super popular with the whole farmhouse look and I am obsessed! I found this small business on instgram and they actually have their shop on Etsy. When I cam across their feed I was blown away with how many different gnomes were listed.

The owners over at The Magical Gnomes were generous enough to send me over three different gnomes to share with you all. I made sure to pick out three gnomes that were all pretty different to be able to show you some variety of what they offer in their shop. As you can see from this first photo these gnomes are all very different in size which I really liked too! The first gnome that I am going to be show you all is the gnome with the pink hat. This one is the smallest of the three! I love how this one has a little heart on it's hat. This would be perfect for Valentine's Day! Also because this gnome is pink

it still goes perfect with all my Easter decor which i am super excited about. As you can see in this photo the gnomes beard is a light pink and grey which is just adorable. I love how this gnome has a hard bottom so it stands up really easily on my shelves and just looks adorable when placed on the shelf. I love how simple this one is but still super cute! The next gnome on the list to share with you all is the one I was most excited about it! This one just screams Easter which I am a huge fan of decorating for the holiday in case you were not aware of that lol. This one has Big bunny ears which is just so adorable. I really like how these ears can be bent too so if you want to bend them down that is totally a possibility. Me personally I love how they look when they are standing straight up. This is probably my favorite piece of Easter decor that I have right now! I love how it looks with all my other pieces. I

love the little head band of flowers this gnome has as well. I think it add such a nice pop of color to this gnome. The beard on this gnome is all white along with his ears so the pink pops really nice with the little flowers and that his body is light pink too! Last but certainly not least we are going to be talking about another Easter gnome. This one is the biggest one that I received and I absolutely love this one! This gnome feature a beautiful lavender plaid printed hat which is just perfect for Spring! The legs are also in the same print which is just adorable. I love how this one hangs from the shelf. His legs dangle off the shelf which looks so cute when added to your other Easter pieces. This gnome came with a little Easter egg for him to hold in his hands. I love how the egg matches his outfit pretty perfectly. This one definitely screams Easter to me, but the cool thing about this

one is that you can remove the egg from his hands so you can use this gnome year round which is probably what I will end up doing after Easter is over. All of these gnomes were beautifully made and I love them all so much. I know gnomes are super popular right now so I highly suggest checking out this small shop to get all your gnomes. There are so many options ot pick from and this shop also makes custom ones too this is perfect if you are looking for some pretty specific. These gnome are incredible and I now think that I will be very obsessed with gnomes from here on out lol. The details that are in each gnome is just insane. It's so hard to believe that these were made by a small business but they most definitely were which is just so amazing to me!


I just want to say a big thank you to The Magical Gnomes for sending me these three gnomes to share with my followers. Also a thank you for making me now obsessed with Gnomes. I hope to work with you again in the future and I wish your shop the best of luck!

Check out this shop here:


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