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The Magnolia Mercantile

Hi Everyone!!

I am back with some more goodies to share with you all! This time I have some products from The Magnolia Mercantile. The owner is Tara and she is an independent consultant with Chalk Couture. This is a business that specializes in DIY home decor and she sells the reusable transfer designs, surfaces, pastes/inks, and tools and accessories. Anyone any age or crafting ability can do them. The best part of all is that you can use the transfers on any surface! Wood, chalkboard, glass, galvanized items and metals, fabrics like pillows and clothing, canvas, etc. You can can also reuse the transfer designs multiple times which is pretty awesome.

Her website also has the option of her fun customer club! For $19.99 a month they can get an exclusive transfer that’s never on the website, along with three paste colors to match. Along with those perks, customer club members get flat rate $4.95 shipping on all orders, a catalog every time we get a new one, and access to special deals and discounts every month of the year. HOW COOL IS THAT?! Tara was amazing and totally hooked me up! She gave me the option of her sending already created products or ones I could DIY myself. I told her to send me some that she already created that way I knew they would be perfect to share with you guys. She sent me a total of 4 different products to share with you all and all of which are pretty different which is pretty cool.

Up first we have a gorgeous cheese cutting board. This is so heavy! (but in a good way LOL!) I was amazed right away with the quality of this. This honestly looks so expensive and fancy I think I am just going to use this as a nice decor piece when I have company coming over. This cheese board also has an attached nice which is a really nice touch. The middle part honestly looks like marble. Pictures doesn't do this piece justice. The transfer that she did on this one is in black and it really makes it pop for sure. I like how the "Good Eats" quote it a little faded and distressed. I am amazed that she actually was the one that did this! This just looks like a piece I would buy from the store, and quite frankly I totally would too! This is right up my ally!

Next up we have a little square sign that is in the farmhouse theme which I love. The transfer that she used for this one is a fork and spoon design. She finished this piece off by adding cute little bow and some greenery in the center to give it a little detail which was such a great idea. Honestly this would be another piece that I would totally purchase from the store. It's so hard to believe that made these with Chalk Couture products! I am amazed. I am so excited to use this little sign in my kitchen and place it on top of my counter tops!

Next we have another sign that she created and as you probably might already know signs are one my favorites for sure. This one has a black background that almost looks like a chalkboard and the base is a nice wooden base. This transfer says "Meals and memories made here". This is going to be another perfect addition to my kitchen. She chose white to do this transfer in and I love the contrast with the black background and the white design. I think it looks really nice, and really stands out. This sign came with a hidden little surprise that I didn't notice till almost a week after getting this package in the mail! It's double sided! OMG! My mind was blown when I seen it lol! The fact that I missed that is hilarious so I was really excited when I discovered this. On the opposite side she chose a summer themed transfer and this one says "Summertime and the living is easy". This is going to be perfect to decorate with for the summer and I can't wait. This transfer was done in a rose gold color and it's gorgeous! I love how it's just a subtle shimmer too it's perfect!

And last but certainly not least she included a fun little dish towel. This one doesn't have a design on it but this is just another example of another surface that you can apply one of the Chalk Couture transfers too! It's amazing too me how you can use these transfer on literally anything and everything the possibilities are truly endless which is amazing. I am blown away with the products that The Magnolia Mercantile sent me over to share with you all. These are all products that I will be using and find to be perfect for me. It's still hard for me to wrap my head around the fact these products were customized and note just purchased from a store. The Magnolia Mercantile is super talented and I loved working with her. I highly recommend her business and hope to have her get featured again on my blog.

I want to give a big thank you to The Magnolia Mercantile for working with me and sending me all of these pieces I can't thank you enough! You are incredible and I wish your business all the best! I really hope we can collab again in the future.

Check out The Magnolia Mercantile here:


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