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The Staria Shop

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back to my blog! In today's post we are going to be taking a closer look into a small business called The Staria Shop. I found this small business while I was browsing through instagram and was instantly hooked on their page. This small business specializes in all things earring related. I really was drawn to her page right away because she offers so many unique pieces, which is something I look for when I am purchasing earrings for myself. The Staria Shop was generous enough to send me over three different pairs of earrings to share with you all and I am so excited!

The first pair that she sent me over is definitely a fan favorite of mine lol. These are Little Debbie Christmas Tree cake earrings! How adorable are these? I am obsessed with these and they honestly look just like the real thing! The amount of details packed into these little earrings is quite incredible. I love how these are a "dangle" type of earring and they are pretty light weight which makes wearing these super easy to do!

The next pair up we have these adorable lemons! These are the absolute cutest earrings! I am so excited to wear these for the summer time and think they are going to be the perfect finishing look to all of my summer outfits. I love how simple these earrings are too! The bright yellow is going to make it so fun to pair different outfits with and it's a really fun pop of color. These earrings are a little heavier then the Christmas Tree ones, but they are still pretty light weight which is great. I love how these earrings have a shiny layer on the lemon too it make's them look a little more realistic.

The last pair I have to share with you all is a pair inspired by the movie Coraline. I think these are the cutest pair of earrings ever. I love how these it's two different earrings for the set, I think it makes it a little more fun and something different that is for sure. These earrings are hand crafted out of polymer clay which is pretty cool! I love the different colors in the earrings and they pair together so well. Overall I am super impressed with all three earrings I received from The Staria Shop. You can truly tell all the amount of time and energy that she put's into all her pieces. All of these earrings are super well made and look incredible in person. I highly recommend checking out The Staria Shop!



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