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Tried and True Boutique

Hiiii Everyone,

Today we are going to be talking about a boutique! This is another small business that I found while I was browsing on Instagram. This shop is called Tried and True Boutique and they were so nice enough to send me over three different products that they have listed on their site to share with you all today. First I must start off by staying I was super impressed with the variety that they had listed. I tired to pick a variety of things that way you all can see what they are all about!

The first item is their Grey & Plaid Sweater Jacket. This is listed in their shop for $45 and when I seen this I just knew that I needed to add this piece to my closet lol. There are so many things I love about this piece. The 1st being that you can wear this so many different ways. You can button this up and just wear it as a shirt or you can totally layer this and use this piece more like a jacket. I love pieces like this that have a lot of variety on how to wear it that way I never get bored about an outfit lol. I also really love how thick this piece is. I really wasn't expecting it to be as thick as it is. I can definitely use this during the winter to stay warm which is amazing. This is a super awesome piece and it really feels high quality too which is also really important. I am so excited to have this piece in my closet and I can't wait to style it on my own with some other pieces I already own. If you are interested in this piece check out the direct link here:

Next up we have Black Waffle Knit Sweater with Button Sleeves which is listed on their website for $32. This shirt is totally my style and I just love it. I love how this one is super simple. You can really choose to dress this one up or dress it down. I love how the fit of the sleeves and how they are oversized. It really makes for the perfect cozy sweater this time of the year. I love the fabric of this piece too. I love the look of the "waffle knit" which is also pretty popular right now too. I can't wait to wear this piece out. I have so many outfits planned with this one and I know they are going to look amazing with this cozy sweater! If you are interested in checking out this sweater here is the direct link:

The last item that I have to share with you all is Long Sleeve Shirt with Over-sized Heart which is currently listed on their website for $25 what a steal! I seen this long sleeve shirt and fell in love right away. My 1st thought was how perfect this is going to be for Valentine's Day! I love the sparkle of the heart and in person it looks even more stunning. I was expecting this shirt to be a little itchy but to my surprise it is not at all! This is hands down probably the softest shirt I own now lol. It's amazing and so warm. I am sooo excited to wear this one and I will definitely not be waiting till Valentine's Day to wear this that's for sure lol! I am obsessed with this one too LOL! If you are interested in the direct link to this check it out here:

I am beyond impressed with Tried and True Boutique . All three pieces that they sent me are gorgeous and will all be a staple in my closet. I am impressed with the quality, prices and variety that they have to offer I highly recommend checking them out and will link them below, as a little bonus they also included a coupon code for you all to shop with them! Use the code DaniSaves10 to save 10% off your order!

Check them out here:


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