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True Confections Boutique

Hi Everyone,

I am back again with another small business shout out and to show you some more hand made products. Today I will be showcasing you some items from True Confections Boutique. They have their own website and you can also find them on Etsy too! This small business is based out of Pennsylvania.

She specializes in all kinds of home made products such as greeting cards, wreaths, shadow boxes and much more. Shannon in the business owner and she is actually a full time teacher, so she does of all her product making in her free time. True Confections Boutique was nice enough to send me over two different products to share with you all just so you can get a feel for what her shop has to offer. The two products that she sent me over are a decorative shadow box and a handmade greeting card. I am so glad she included both of these, so now you can see that she has a big variety of what she offers in her shop for all of her customers.

The first item we are going to take a closer look at is the greeting card. Her shop offers a variety of cards for all occasion, which is so great. This one in particular is a Halloween greeting card which I find so adorable. When I was a kid my grandmother use to send me cards for all the major Holidays and Halloween was always my favorite for receiving cards. So when I seen this was a Halloween card I got super excited it definitely brought back from memories. I do in fact, plan on sending this card to my grandmother because I think she will really enjoy getting it in the mail. I love the design of this card it features a jar of candy corn and has the quote "I love you more then candy corn". I think this is just adorable! It's kind of hard to tell from the photos but this card is in fact three dimensional. The actual quote is layered on several different background colors. The actual background of the card is the base for everything she stacked together. I can't imagine how long this possibly took to make, and how professional it looks too. All the colors and back details match together so perfectly. Inside the card there is a message that says " and I really love candy corn!" The perfect finishing touch. Included with this card was an envelope too and it matches perfect. There are some cute little stamps on this card to give it a more "Halloween feel! There are so many small details in this card! I'm overall impressed!

Next up we have the decor piece and I am so excited to share this one with you all! This is a complete custom shadow box! It says "Hershey & Finley nose you have treats!" these are the names of my pup and I am obsessed with this! I was so surprised to see this show up at my door! I thought this was oh so special and something I am truly going to have forever. In side the actual shadow box she placed dog treats, and candy corn. The perfect Halloween & doggie touch! Up on the top on the right hand corner is a bow that definitely gives me all the Halloween vibes, for the perfect finishing touch she placed a little paw print in the center which is probably one of my favorite parts! For the background of the actual shadow box she chose a orange glitter background which is such a great contrast of the black wood frame and the white vinyl. Again with this piece all the details match perfectly and really compliment each other. This has so many details too and my mind is really amazed!


I want to thank True Confections Boutique for working with me and sending me these pieces to share with you all.I love them both so much. You have so much talent and all the details you put into your pieces really show. I hope to work with you again in the future and I wish you best of luck with your business!

Make sure you check out True Confections Boutique here:


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