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Underground Hu$tle

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

About The Owner

Meet Jäquil Short, the owner of Underground Hu$tle. He was born in Virginia but raised in Albion, MI. He graduated from Marshall High School in 2012 and graduated Western Michigan University with his Bachelors in Psychology and his minor in Communications. During his tenure at WMU, he joined Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Inc. in 2015, there he learned about the importance of servicing others and giving back to the community. After being kicked out of school, due to a financial hold on his account, he started working at different factories like Schupans & Sons, Denso, and Target Distribution to pay off his student debt. Working at different factories help spark the idea for Underground Hu$tle. He also worked at a rehabilitation center for youth called Lakeside Academy and is currently working as a direct care worker at a Direct care home. He is also working for the YMCA, teaching boxing fitness. His last part time job is teaching a high school youth group for Crossroads Church and Ministries every Sunday. His hobbies include boxing, writing music, hanging out with his friends and family, watching sports, movies, and playing basketball.

History Of The Business

The idea for Underground Hu$tle came when Jäquil was working at Target Distribution while attending Western Michigan University. Jäquil saw that many of his friends and people that he knew released different high quality businesses, from clothing appearal to personal care items. This sparked the idea of Underground Hu$tle because he thought to himself, how could he make it possible to expand their clientele past their local region, “because it’s a shame that many people are missing out on this Grade-A quality stuff due to proximity”, thus Underground Hu$tle was established.

About The Business

Underground Hu$tle is based out of Albion, MI. They provide free downloadable social media, e-commerce services for Small Businesses and Consumers. They allow users to creae their personal profile, where they can follow different Small Businesses. The businesses can upload the entirety of their market to sell to anyone using the app. They can also give discounts and deals if applicable. Customers can purchase items, follow, rate/review, message Small Businesses, and many more.

Other Information

Underground Hu$tle will be available for download early 2023. If you are interested in being apart of their early launch testing before they fully launch email Jäquil Follow their social medias below to stay up to date with everything regarding Underground Hu$tle.

Contact Information

Instagram: @Undergroundhustleapp


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