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Utah Wedding Boutique

About The Owners

Meet Kate Chengappa and Austin Miller, the owners of A Moment In Time. Kate is passionate about providing others with memorable experiences. A social worker by trade, Kate has enjoyed helping others in a multitude of capacities. She graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in social work, and worked in various roles, such as domestic violence, child welfare and mental health. Kate is a lover of Mother Nature, and when she is not planning or coordinating an event, she loves to be off-roading with her husband in the beautiful mountains of Utah, hanging out with her five cats, lounging by the pool, and drinking wine outside with friends. Austin is a man with a vast amount of professional experience in various fields. He helped to launch some of the most successful tech startups in Utah in Director of Operations roles, but chose to leave the corporate world to pursue his real passion: photography. Austin is experienced and trained in various forms of photography, including professional head shots, events and weddings. Austin finds great joy in being outdoors with his close friends and loved ones. He loves hosting parties, dinners and activities with friends, and is always the “go-to” guy when you want an interesting conversation or a relaxed, good time.

History Of The Business

A Moment In Time was a concept conceived in May at a photography conference that Austin was attending in St Louis. After being presented with this unique model that has been successful in Canada, Austin and Kate decided to bring the concept into the US due to its goals and positive impact on couples in 2022. Both Kate and Austin are entrepreneurs at heart, and have owned and currently own several businesses in additional to A Moment In Time. Kate currently is the owner of a business consulting firm for mental health professionals in Utah, called Moving Mountains, as well as a full service, full planning and coordination event company, BluBrd Wedding and Events. Austin is the current owner of a successful photography business based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, Austin Miller Photographic, where he prides himself on capturing memories for others and conveying love stories through photography.

About The Business

A Moment In Time is a shared wedding concept that allows for multiple couples to be married on the same day, in their reserved 1.5 hour time slot. Everything that a couple would need on their big day is provided and carefully curated to create an unforgettable wedding experience, without the cost or waste of a traditional wedding! Simply put, you choose your 1.5 hour time slot, notify up to 40 guests with our elegant and customized invitations, and show up! A moment in time is currently the only full service wedding boutique offering this type of model and service. They currently have two wedding boutiques scheduled for October 15 and November 2, 2022. They will be adding additional dates in the near future, each with a different location and theme that couples can choose from. Each boutique will have a different, unique and stunning theme, and venue to fit the desired look and feel for each individual couple and their guests. As we add dates, we will also be adding additional services that couples can customize!

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