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VM Compilations

Hi Everyone!

I am back again with another small business review and spot light! This small business is called VM Compilations.

I found this small business while I was on instagram looking at one of my favorite things all time! Halloween decor! This small business was nice enough to send me three pieces to share with you all, and they all are Halloween themed so I am pumped lol! She sent me over a wooden sign, a glass vase and a mug!

Up first we have a personalized mug! This is a grey mug, that she used black vinyl to personalize. I first noticed the placement of the vinyl and how she placed directly in the center. I love this because when it's sitting you cant see the handle because it's directly in the back. This is perfect because I really like this mug, but I want to decorate with this instead of drinking out of, And now when it's placed on the shelf you wont be able to tell that it's an actual mug! I do really like how the design she chose for this mug is on the more simple side. I think it's perfect and is going to look adorable with all of my other Halloween


Up next we have the glass vase. This picture doesn't do this piece justice that's for sure. The design on this one, it most towards the bottom which I thought was pretty unique and looks really neat. The vinyl placed on this one includes a spider, and some pumpkins. This is definitely a piece you could decorate with for Fall & for Halloween. It's just depends on how you turn the vase on the shelf. For fall you can have the pumpkins in the front, and for Halloween you can make sure that the Spider is right in the front. I love how I will be able to use this for a couple more months. I also like that she used black, gold, & holographic vinyl colors. All the colors definitely make this piece pop!

Last but certainly not least we have the sign that she sent over as well! This is a mini sign that looks just like a small pallet. I love the look this sign because I have not seen anything quite like this before. I am a huge sucker for Holiday signs, and I knew I just needed to add this one to my collection! I think this sign is just so adorable. I think this is going to look so incredibly adorable next to my coffee corner in my kitchen. I can just picture it now. Make sure you are following me on instagram @daniibabii1119 because I will be posting it over there once I finish setting it up! I am obsessed with this mini sign!


I want to thank VM Compilations for sending me these adorable pieces to share with everyone! I just adore everything you sent over! I wish you the best of luck with your business and hope to work with you again in the near future! Make sure you check out this amazing small business, all of their links will be listed below!


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