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Whoo's Art

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Hi Everyone,

I'm here again with another review for all of you. Today I will be showcasing some products from a small business by the name of Whoo's Art. This is a small business that specializes in all things with hand painted letters. Their shop is filled with amazing products that were hand painted. I love this business because they have so many things to offer. Everything they make is truly a piece of art and so well done. I will be showing you all two different products that they sent me over to share with you.

Up first I will be showing you an Easter Sign that I received from them that I just love! I am currently obsessed with decorating my home for all the holidays and the next upcoming one is Easter. This sign is just absolutely adorable and just perfect! As you can see this is a custom hand painted canvas with a gorgeous wood frame. I love the contrast of the white canvas against the gray frame it really pops. They custom hand painted the canvas in the center with this adorable Happy Easter with the bunny ears that I can't get enough of. This sign is super sturdy also so I know I will have this for a while which is also good with Holiday decor. You want to be able to save it for years to come and I have no doubt in my mind that this is a piece I will be able to enjoy for many many years to come. I love this sign so much and think it's the perfect little pop for Easter decor without being over the top. I love how the frame on the outside of the canvas is all gray so it already matched my everyday home decor look. Honestly if it didn't say Happy Easter on it I would be

keeping this piece up year round lol! This sign is the perfect size also there are so many endless possibles with this sign. You can hang it up on your wall, or use it on shelf to add some pizzazz, which is what I chose to do and I think it looks just adorable on Easter decorated shelf, with all my other Easter pieces that I have.

The amount of detail that is in this little sign is just incredible. It's honestly hard to believe that this sign was hand painted. It was so well done and honestly so perfect and flawless this looks like something you found find at a store. I'm also a sucker for products that are hand painted because they end up having so much character just like this sign does. This sign is so studry and well made I know this will be around for a long time in my Easter decor.


Up next we have another hand painted product that I am super thrilled to share with you all because I haven't seen too many of these before and they are truly unique. I got a set of hand painted coasters that are just gorgeous. This set included 4 custom coasters.

I told this shop owner that I wanted my (future) last name on some coasters for my home and what they created is just incredible. Each coaster says my last name in a different font which is something I would have never thought of to be honest. I love how they are all different but they all go beautifully together in this wonderful set. As you can see from the photos these are painted on wood coasters which are just gorgeous. At first I didn't think they would go with my home decor that I already own because I don't have very many wood pieces, but boy was I wrong.

I love the little pop that these bring to the coffee table in my living room. They really stand out and are a true piece of art work. My favorite thing about these coasters are the little feet that are located on the bottom of each one. I love these for multiple reasons. the first one being that these make it so the coasters don't slip around and that they grip to the surface that you are using them on. I also love how they protect that surface too. I have had multiple coasters end up destroying my table top in the past even with just by having them scratch up my table. I was super excited when I seen this small but important detail that was on these coasters. I am so excited to own these, not only are they super practical but they are also a gorgeous piece of art too!


I just want to say a big thank you to Whoo's Art for being a part of this and taking the time to work with me! I love these pieces that you sent me and I wish you, and your business the best of luck and hope that we can do this again in the future!

Please check out this small business here:


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