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Wood You Prefer

Hiii Everyone!

I am back today with another review of a product made by a small business by the name of Wood you prefer. I found this business on instagram and their page really caught my eye. This small business is based in New York and they specialize in making all kinds of custom wood pieces! Everything is handcrafted, which is incredible. They have a huge array of products in their Etsy shop from Stove top covers, Serving trays, key racks and so much more. I wanted to include some photos from their Etsy so you could see some of the products that they can make. All of which are customizable which is awesome!


Wood you prefer was generous enough to send me over a custom kitchen towel along with a mini ladder. These are currently listed on their website for $40.00, which includes the ladder and the towel. These are also 100% customizable which was the part I enjoyed the most. For each set you are able to choose the color of the stain for the ladder so it match your decor in your home. You also have the option to choose the design for the towel too which I thought was a cute little touch. For my set I picked the color grey for the stain of the ladder so that it could match my kitchen. I must say I am super glad I chose the grey. I think it accents my kitchen so well and it just goes perfectly together. Not only is this piece decor but it's also functional as well which I really enjoy!

I also like how the stain on this ladder looks a little rustic too which is the theme of my home. I was pretty impressed when I opened the box because the ladder itself felt pretty sturdy which I wasn't expecting. I also really like the fact that this ladder has two "steps" so if you wanted to hang more then one towel on it you could easily do so! I plan on keeping this in my kitchen and changing out the towel for all the holidays. I think this is going to be a fun little pieces to decorate throughout the course of the year. I'm sure a lot of you have seasonal hand towels that you have in your kitchen. Mine are usually placed on my dishwasher handle but they are never on "display" which is how I want them. I'm super excited to have a place to show them all off now.

The design I chose for my towel, I wanted to keep it simple and wanted it to be something that I could keep out year round if needed. I went with my last name becuase that was a lot of the examples that they had posted on their website too. I thought this was a cute little "homey" feel, and really how many people can say that they have a custom kitchen towel with their last name..... probably not many lol. I love small details like that too! I also like how the towel is white and vinyl is black. It's a gorgeous contrast and it really pops against the grey ladder too! Overall I am highly impressed with Wood you prefer. This is definitely a small business I would recommend to other to check out for sure. I want to give a huge shoutout to Wood you prefer for sending me this adorable set for my kitchen. Obsessed is a understatement. I hope to work with you again in the future and wish you all the sucuess with your business!

Make sure you check them out here: Instagram: etsy:


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