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I am back with something new to share with you all! Today I am promoting a small business called Yayas Minis.This business is based out of San Luis Obispo, California. This business makes a ton of decor pieces that are all "Mini" which makes them great for using with tiered trays! This shop is full of all kinds of pieces that you could use for any holiday in your home to decorate. I love how these pieces are small and adorable. It makes decorating with them super easy to do since the size is small. Yayas Minis was generous enough to send over two pieces for me to share with you all.

The two pieces that she sent me are both very different and not like anything I have seen from a small business before. 1st we have a small truck (which is another one of my sick obsessions lol!) This little toy truck is adorable. It's in the color black which is super nice since it will be pretty easy to have it match all my other decor pieces. The truck bed is full of little fake succulents which is just perfect for me. I absolutely love greenery but however I do not have a green thumb unfortunately so I kill everything lol. Fake plants are the way for me to go in my house. She has a few of these listed in her shop and they differ in color. She also makes some of these that are designed for different themed holiday decor too which is perfect! I love this little truck and can't wait to style it in my home. Next up we have an adorable mini tin canister. These are also listed in her shop in a huge variation, but the one she made for me is a custom design. She put my last name to be on the canister. I currently have this piece in my kitchen as a decor and think it's just perfect. I love both of these pieces and am pretty happy with the overall quality too!


I want to thank YayasMinis for working with me in this collab. I love both of the pieces you sent to me and wish you all the best! I hope to work with you again!

Check them out here:


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