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Your Live Wedding Artist

About The Owner

Meet Brad Geers, the owner of his small business called Your Live Wedding Artist. He is 30 years old visual artist based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has been

painting since he was in high school and has always enjoyed painting in live settings for others for them to enjoy seeing the art process, of his pieces of art. He taught painting classes at several Paint and Sip establishments which allowed him to

get comfortable painting in front of other people. He is still currently serving part time in The Air National Guard as an aircraft mechanic while his current full time job is live wedding painting. He went to The Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. In his free time he enjoys racing in triathlons, mountain biking, and spending time on the lake.

History Of The Business

Brad was painting at an outdoor movie night almost 10 years ago when someone approached him and asked if he could do a live painting at her daughters upcoming wedding. Brad had so much fun at the wedding but at the time but he was way

too young to think about it as a business idea. Fast forward to 2021 and he painted at 4 weddings that year. That is what inspired him to start marketing and going to expos to see if he could peruse this business venture into something full time, and luckily it all ended up working out, and he has been successful every since.

Services Offered

Brad primarily offers live painting services at weddings but he can also live paint at any function that his clients would like him to paint at including music events, business functions, etc. He is also accepting custom commission work which can be seen on his website. He also paints indoor and outdoor murals. He also does pastel portrait drawings of people and or family members.

Perks and Obstacles With Owning The Business

Brads favorite thing about owning his business is that he gets to enjoy the freedom and the unique opportunities and

challenges each painting brings.

The biggest struggle for him has been the learning curve of all the business aspects, emails,and the day to day tasks that come along with owning your own business.

Future Plans For The Business

Brad has a lot of upcoming goals and plans for his business. His biggest goal is that he wants to book 50 weddings in one year. He is hoping to make that happen this year, but if it doesn't happen this year he is hoping to hit that goal next year. He would also love to

book his first Indian wedding along with an international wedding, which he has not been able to do yet.

More Information About The Business

Guests are always entertained by the live painting and it adds a great extra element to the wedding. Brad always finishes the painting by the end of the night to reveal to the couple. He also is booked many times as a wedding gift from family or friends looking for a unique gift idea. He will travel anywhere for a live painting. If he is already booked on the date you are looking for you can also book him to do a wedding painting from a photograph.

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