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1137 Seafood

About The Owner

Meet Dante Young, the owner of 1137 Seafood. Dante Young is a Comedian and also is an actor. He is a big fan of the Buffalo Bills, and enjoys 80’s music. He is the owner and comedian of the DYoung Show. Dante is from Windsor Mill, Maryland, and his business is based out of Baltimore MD

History Of The Business

Dante opened his small business in 2020. 1137 Seafood’s mission is to spread love and happiness to others through the dishes that they create. 1137 is a powerful number In numerology, the angel number 1137 represents confidence, self-love, self-expression, compassion, and truth. It is also a motivator number; motivated to spread love, light, and happiness to others by considering it a duty. Dante invested in a partner and they both decided to go separate ways and Dante rebranded the restaurant and continued on the journey with 1137 Seafood. Dante's favorite thing about owning his business is the freedom that it gives him and also seeing people enjoy their food!

About The Business

1137 Seafood has a flavorful menu with hints of Cajun styles and spices that will make your taste buds sing. They put their heart and soul into each dish that they prepare for their customers. Their most popular items on their menu are their Platters that are served with flavorful rice, a sauce that is unmatched, corn and topped with your choice of shrimp, crab, lamb chops or chicken. 1137 gives back to the Baltimore community throughout the year by sponsoring events that support youth who are at risk and striving to be young entrepreneurs.

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