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Heaven’s Beauty by Mary Kay

About The Owner

Meet Hannah Ball the owner of her mall business called Heaven’s Beauty by Mary Kay. Hannah is an independent consultant for a company called Mary Kay. Hannah is a graduate of Lee University Cleveland, TN class of 2019. She is a single homeowner who loves to cook, bake and take long walks. She enjoys being outside in nature. Her biggest hobby is dance ballet with flags.

History Of The Business

Hannah named her business in memory of her late father. He spoke to her and told her that he wanted her to bring out Heaven’s Beauty in everyone she meets and serve through the business. Jesus is a reflection of Heaven’s beauty and we are all made in his image. Hannah's purpose is to awaken everyone. She forms a relationship with through her business to this reality and see themselves the way their heavenly Dad sees them, truth beautiful.  

About The Business

Hannah sells Mary Kay skin care and beauty cosmetics. She also provides free Beauty consultations virtually and in person for skin care and cosmetic application. This is super helpful for her potential customers that might be new to the beauty/ skincare world. She hopes with helping them with a beauty consultation she is able to provide them with some advice and reccomendations on products they would truly enjoy using.

Products Available

There are a ton of different products available on Hannah's website from cosmetics, skin care sets, fragrance and even products for Men. Her most popular product that she sells is the Time Wise Miracle Set. This is a custom skincare kit that has everything you need to make your skin look and feel beautiful. There is an option for Oily or Dry Skin so you can pick the set that is best for your skin needs. The set includes (4) products which includes a cleanser, moisturizer, daily sunscreen and a night serum.

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