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About The Owner

Meet Bora Todorovski , the owner of her small business called 321Snap. Bora is 41 years old, and has been married for 15 years. Together her and her husband have 3 children( Aiden 13, Alijana 11 & Ava 8) They live in Macomb Twp. She was originally born in Detroit. She graduated from Dakota high school in 1999. Her hobbies include spending time with her amazing family and two dogs. She also likes to enjoy her time shopping and traveling with her family.

History Of The Business

That idea for her small business started when she started seeing videos on TikTok of selfie museums around the world and seeing them pop up in local shopping centers. One of Bora's friend called her and told her that it was something she should look into, and thought it would be a great business opportunity of her. Bora wanted something different, and that’s when she came up with the mobile museum.

About The Business

321 Snap is the first selfie museum to make the immersive photography experience mobile! Step into a world of creativity with 321 Snap’s unique and interactive backgrounds that let you sharpen your photography skills and create scroll-stopping images for Instagram or TikTok. Our mobile selfie station is fun for both children and adults and is a great addition to any event.

More About The Business

321Snap is a selfie mobile museum with 6 themed rooms and 1 outside photo ops. Each selfie station is set up with cameras that gives the ability to their customers to receive their photos that they take right away. 321Snap is the first traveling selfie museum in Michigan.

The Mobile Advantage

Selfie museums are a fun way for everyone to express themselves from content creators to photography novices. 321 Snap will now bring that experience to your front door or next event venue. Utilizing a trailer with several unique rooms, scenes and props we provide the best of both worlds—the interactive selfie experience from the comfort of your own home or event. Skip the hassle of getting all your friends together for a night out and instead bring the party directly to them.

Future Plans For 321Snap

Bora's goal with her small business is to add more trailers, currently she only has one trailer. Her big time goal is to franchise her business once she grows a little more.

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