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Amanda's Skincare

About The Owner

Meet Amanda Murphy, the owner of her small business. Amanda is an independent consultant for a company called Rodan + Fields. Amanda works a normal 9-5 job as a school teacher and runs her small business on the side. She graduated from high school in 1989 and went to college at Hobart & William Smith in upstate New York. She then graduated from college in 1993. She is currently working on my Master's in Early Childhood Education at Merrimack College in North Andover, Massachusetts .Amanda is married to her husband, Martin and together they have one child, Madeleine. In Amanda's free time she enjoys collecting stickers and also loves to take her dog for walks. She love to listen to music and decompress from the hustle and bustle of her daily life. She is passionate about helping people and providing the best customer service experience for her customers.

History Of The Business

Amanda started her Rodan + Fields business back in 2014 as something for herself. She didn't realize how much she actually needed a side hustle to make her focus and concentrate her energy on just one thing.

In July of 2014 Amanda was talking to a friend of her's at the time and she mentioned Rodan + Fields. She thought about it and decided it would be a great fit for her.

She needed something that was just hers, a project or a business that she could fit into the empty spaces of her day. It has worked out tremendously for her and she still enjoys it to this day. She wanted to start this business because she wanted to change up her skin care routine. The routine she had in 2014 wasn't cutting it for her anymore.

About The Business

Amanda's Rodan + Fields business is based out of Billerica, Massachusetts. She offer spremium skin care and hair care products through Rodan + Fields as an Independent Consultant. She provides excellent customer service to all of her preferred customers and handles everything they need to order or postpone their order.

More Information

Something unique about Amanda's own business is that she is never alone in her business. There are so many ways to connect with other consultants and there is a wonderful community to be a part of. Amanda has a lot of hope's and dreams planned for her small business this upcoming year, and she is hoping for a year of growth for her small business!

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