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Anita Friedrich

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

About The Owner

Meet Anita Friedrich, the owner. Anita is Hungarian, and carriers European styles and cultures in her photography approach. She loves to tell a story through her images, and love that she can be very creative with angels, frames and light. She has a dual AA degree in photography and graphic design, and graduated from Mira Costa College, Oceanside CA. She has been a part of numerous art exhibitions with her landscape work throughout the years. When she is not holding her camera or brainstorming on some creative projects, she love playing volleyball, hiking, biking, kayaking, and pretty much anything outdoors.

History Of The Business

Anita first started out out as a landscape photographer in 2017, continued her journey with portraits, beauty and lifestyle photos, fitness, sports and product shots on the way, and then she truly fell in love with wedding photographer. Anita's favorite parts about owning her business is that she can make her own schedule. She also loves interacting with art galleries and her clients. She has the ability to work from home or anywhere when she edits her images is also a big perk for her.

About The Business

Anita also sells canvases and all kinds of landscape art work. Besides landscapes, she also does weddings, portraits and other fun and creative photo projects. Her most popular service that she offers is her wedding photography. Anita really enjoys doing her landscape work, it's very unique: vibrant and captures the essence of California, where she is from. Her portrait work is creative and candid. She likes the combination of natural light and contrast in colors.

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