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Anyone Can Dance

Updated: May 31, 2023

About The Owner

Meet Emily Esposito, the owner of her small business called Anyone Can Dance. She has been teaching and choreographing for over15 years. She has taught dance to the widest range of people. She has taught every age from 3-85, from preschools to senior centers. She has choreographed and directed Musicals, and has worked for different dance programs throughout her city. She went to Binghamton University for Acting, Directing, and Dance. In addition to teaching, Emily is also a professional actress. She will be doing the musical Something Rotten in Connecticut for the next 5 weeks.

History Of The Business

Emily's boyfriend Chris, is the reason behind her creating her business. During Covid he wanted to use his time wisely and messaged her, looking to learn how to dance. He became very dedicated and started taking lessons twice a week with her. They became best friends and within the year they fell in love. She realized with him that she truly loved teaching people who knew nothing about dance but genuinely wanted to learn and how much she loved love. From there she started focusing mainly on wedding couples and her business took off from there. Now you can find Emily in their apartment asking Chris to try new moves with her in the middle of his work day.

The Name Behind The Business

Emily got the name for her business because she truly believes that every single person in this world can dance. She believes that you just need someone to explain it to you in a way that you understand and that you truly connect with. She loves being able to show this to her clients that she gets the opportunity to work with.

More About Opening The Business

Emily has been teaching kids a lot of her life and when Covid hit and a lot of adults were dying to just get out of their houses and do something, she started teaching private lessons distanced and masked and realized adults are better than kids. Couples then evolved out of that. Her business allows her to teach her own way and continue to stay creative. Emily has also always dreamed of being her own boss and depending only on herself.

Future Plans For The Business

Emily plans to offer Ladies Night Out classes! They will be classes that empower women to embrace their sensuality and encourage them to step outside of their comfort zones. Grab a group of girlfriends, choose a song that you love, and during the class you will work on creating a fun and flirty routine. Have your very own Video Vixen moment! Emily is also working on more video tutorials in order to reach people outside of NYC.

More Information About The Business

Emily doesn't up-sells her clients. Emily respects people's time and knows that wedding planning is an insanely busy time. She focuses on efficiency and getting the dance done in the shortest amount of time possible. She makes sure to film each lesson so that couples can go home and work on the routine themselves. She can always work with people's time frames whether they only have one day to learn a routine, or a few months. She also doesn't believe in teaching technical ballroom, but a version of dance that the everyday person can understand and pick up. She teaches comfort and confidence. Emily is selling her basic wedding dance video tutorial for the Reviews by Dani audience for a discounted price of $75

Contact Information

She was never the "best" dancer or the most "technical" dancer but her passion and love for dance has always been strong. She created Anyone Can Dance because she believe dance should always feel inclusive. She has developed the skill of translating dance into an easy to understand language for those who are new to it or intimidated by it. It's not my job to make you "the best", it's my job to make you feel confident and comfortable.

When I'm not teaching, I am performing onstage myself. Favorite Credits include; Fame The Musical (Nat'l Tour), A Bronx Tale, On Your Feet, Bodyguard the Musical, West Side Story, and Evita.


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