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Archibald D.W. Illustration & Animation

About The Owner

Meet Archibald Drake Weeks, the owner of his small business. Archibald is a disabled independent artist and a lover of all things geeky. Ever since he was little, he's been enchanted by the art of animation and cartooning. He is introverted and eccentric, and has a strong passion for diversity and justice. His hobbies include include gaming, cycling, and coloring. His disability & comorbid conditions make it difficult for him to navigate a traditional workplace environment. So, he has always worked from home as a freelance cartoonist. He only make a tiny bit of money off of it, but he is really passionate about what he does.

History Of The Business

Archibald initially started drawing as a hobby when he was about 10 years old. Then somewhere in his mid to late teens, he started offering commissions. Around that same time, he also started experimenting with animation. He didn't have much luck at first and when he started he wasn't ready for commissions. He kept practicing, and as he improved, he started growing a following and started receiving really great feedback about his artwork. Then when he was 19, he decided to try doing commissions again, and he had much better luck with it. He has approach him after seeing his ads in art commission groups. Others asked about commissions after seeing his work when he shared it around just for fun. That was also the year that he got his first long-term client, who he has been working on a project with for about 2 and a half years now.

About The Business

Arhibald mainly makes custom digital artwork for his clients. He also has a Teespring shop, where he sells prints of his work. Additionally he has as a Patreon with benefits including: Access to works in progress, 10% discount on commissions, Access to scripts and storyboards, Early access to seasonal artwork, and shout-outs at the end of videos. The most popular type of commission that he offers is his custom icons/ headshot portraits.

Future Plans For The Business

For the past two & a half years or so, Archibald has been working on a long-term 72 illustration project with a client, which will be revealed after it's finished. Once it is finished, physical copies of the project will be available for sale too!

Contact Information

Facebook Profile (best way to contact) :


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