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Ariana Lalakea

About The Owner

Meet Ariana Lalakea, the owner of her small business. Ariane is pioneering being by listening to and embodying the holistic self (body, mind and soul). She has been on the path of healing and self-discovery for 10

years. She combines business, sexuality and healing in her approach leading with head, heart and womb, an accelerator for conscious entrepreneurs to thrive in business and life. She is an international sex positive biz consultant, conscious sexuality facilitator

and mentor. In her teachings she combines the Western world of positive psychology and trauma awareness together with Eastern traditions of Tantra and Yoga, interwoven with Shamanic elements and fuses it into business and leadership. She is co-founder of BliXX, an international brand that hosts

transformational conscious kink retreats around Europe.

History Of The Business

After Ariana graduated in the Master Degree of International Industrial Management she started her first career as a strategic business consultant, supporting different sized companies to expand revenue streams

and increase efficiency through on demand IT solutions. She had a dream that lead her to rethink her career, also she was on the verge of a burn out only after 4 years in business.

She listened and went into re-educating herself in another Master degree in

positive psychology and applied coaching psychology, studied Tantra and

Yoga in India, Australia and Hawaii and started her journey as a soul-based

entrepreneur. In 2018 she founded her international project, BliXX, where they work to support individuals in learning, healing through conscious sexuality in retreats and workshops.

The pandemic got her into another disruption of myself or rebirth phase, and out of that she started to work online with conscious entrepreneurs and leaders in supporting them.

The Name Behind The Business

Ariane is the name she was born with. It means the loveable, the one that shares love. She sees her business as a contribution to awaken the heart which is why she decided to include it in her business name. The other name Lalakea, which is her shamanic name, that she was given in a rite of passage in Hawaii. It means the revealing mountain. She brought it into her business to remember her inner shaman and invite that that is bigger than herself in her business mission and strategy.

About The Business

Ariana has been in business since 2018. She is based out of the Netherlands, Europe. Part of her work is online and some other parts are in person as well. Ariana provides "Online Masterminds" and in person retreats. Her favorite part about owning her own business is all the the freedom that it gives her. The possibilities it opens to develop herself further and grow as a human. The responsibility she feels, and the contribution to doing business differently. Her desire is to break up the patriarchal system and make space for more feminine qualities to rule business. So that we can experience a work that is fulfilling to us on a soul basis.

Services Offered

Online Masterminds: Her work is focused on merging spirituality and business. She helps conscious entrepreneurs to juice up their businesses and leadership through

a deep connection with head, heart and sexual energy.

In person retreats: She further hosts in person retreats around Europe supporting individuals to awaken Eros for their leadership and business and fully stand in that power, for more thrive, resilience, harmony and joy. Finding radical self-acceptance and ending loops of doubts or self-sabotages.

More Information

Ariana plans to run a free 4 week ritual for conscious entrepreneurs starting feb 20th.

A space for you to activate your womb space and bring its wisdom into your business endeavor for more clarity and confidence and an increased radiance and receptivity.

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