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About The Owner

Meet Emma Ye is the founder of B.C.D art and music studio, where she helps 4-10 year-old children learn how to use electronic devices and screen time wisely without addiction. Emma has over16 years of experience working with children, Emma has a bachelor's degree in early childhood development and an MBA in marketing. She believes children should learn all the skills through fun activities, especially learning music and art through playing. As an international presenter, she has spoken in front of 100+ families in China and 30+ families in the Bay Area Family Association using Zoom and live broadcast.

History Of The Business

Emma began hosting online classes and hosting a parenting workshop in 2020. B.C.D.( an acronym for “Buchadian”) Art and Music Studio is the subsidiary under B.C.D, Edu Group., which means “Screen-time free” in Chinese, is a space we have created in response to these realities. Entering the Pandemic, Emma's children became reliant on screen time and television to occupy themselves while in lock down. All the while, their formerly in-person activities, and schooling transitioned. She noticed diminishing motivation and regression of communication skills caused by this switch to virtual learning and playtime. In addition, they were missing connections with themselves, friends, and the real world. B.C.D. empowers children through interactive, hands-on learning experiences designed to help them navigate the world confidently and joyfully. They’ll learn how to communicate with each other in constructive and respectful ways while having the support and guidance to unlock their full self-expression through arts, crafts, and music.

About The Business

B.C.D is based out of San Bruno, California. They offer the following services.

  • After School program

  • Creative Art Class

  • Music Group Class

  • BFFs, Siblings Piano class

  • Junior Chef class

Their most popular services that they offer are After School program, and their creative art programs. Emma's favorite part about owning her small business is Seeing children engage into the class for different activities and learn all skills which will benefit them in the future. Emma Ye is also a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a corp 9-5 job, she is a baker, customs broker, music teacher, positive parenting educator, founder of a branding service agency, and she is writing her first book for helping 35-45y old women to change their life and start a new journey.

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