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Black Wolf Woodworking Co

About The Owner

Meet Luke Sakievich, the owner of Black Wolf Woodworking Co. Woodworking isn't just a business for Luke, it's also a hobby where he gets to decompress. Growing up he always loved being in the outdoors and being active. He is an avid Crossfitter, he learned to lead climb in a matter of weeks, and he is looking forward to trying new things like kayaking and mountain biking.

History Of The Business

Luke's woodworking business started around Christmas of 2019. Ever since he built his first shelf and mudroom, he was hooked. So this isn't just a business for him, this is something he really loves doing too. At the time, his wife wanted a mudroom and some floating shelves made and after he received some quotes, he thought, he could try and make his wife's vision come to life. Luke bought a table saw off Facebook marketplace for $25. He knew nothing about the craft, but quickly became obsessed with learning. He watched countless YouTube videos, researched things on Pinterest and wanted to learn everything and try everything. After a couple month he posted his projects on Facebook Marketplace the rest is history. There was a huge learning curve for him and he's still learning in the craft and business side.

About The Business

Luke's business is currently based out of Spanish Fork, Utah, but he can ship his products all across the country. Luke's most popular items that he creates are his tables of any size and charcuterie boards. Black Wolf Woodworking Co is a one-man shop and Luke really likes it that way. He is a Marine Corps Veteran and a Father of three kids. He not only sell physical products like the tables and charcuterie boards, but he also sells apparel, hats, mugs and decals that is targeted towards the woodworking community. Luke's goal with his business is is to one day make it his full time job since right now he maintains a corporate full time job, with your help and support his dream would really come true!

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