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Blast Of Sand

About The Owners

Meet Sonya & Shad, the owners of Blast of Sand. Since Sonya was young, she has always had a passion for crafting. She is a lover of all animals and would rescue all of them if she could . Her boyfriend Shad and herself enjoy hiking, mountain biking, and playing golf. Outdoor activities are what sparked her inspiration for many of her crafting designs. Together Sonya and Shad have a fur baby, they live in Denver Colorado, away from both of their families. In their free time they enjoy hiking, camping, mountain biking and golf. Shad's passion is Paragliding, and they offer a bottle specific to that sport. They love to be outdoors, and much of her inspiration comes from being present in those moments together.

History Of The Business

They launched their business in May of 2022. One of Sonya's hobbies was Upcycling and cutting wine bottles to create unique designs and décor for around her home. From that they discovered sandblasting glass and wanted to share their crafts with others. After practice and upgrading their equipment, Blast of Sand Glass Crafts was created. Sonya wanted to get out of Corporate America, and starting a small business was a good place to start. Since she was a teenager she has been told by many people that she should sell her crafts. Once finding that perfect item that would fit both of their interests, they took the leap in starting a small craft business.

About The Business

Blast Of Sand creates and sells Sandblasted bottle lights and glassware. All of their products that they make can be customized and personalized for virtually anyone! The possibilities are truly endless with their products, which makes their products perfect for gift giving! Their most popular product that they have is their Bottle Lights. Something that sets their business apart from others is that they drill a small hole in the back of their bottles to feed a USB fairy light cord through, which is protected by a small rubber grommet. By doing this you can plug their bottles into any USB port or charging block. This offers more dependability than cork style fairy lights which require replacing batteries every couple days depending on the amount of use. Their sandblasted glass also undergoes a treatment process which keeps your sandblasted images oil and stain free.

Other Information

They have plans to get into a store very soon and attend more local craft fairs and markets. At some point they plan on introducing more glass items, for now they are focusing on bottle lights and glassware (Pint Glass, Wine Glass, Champagne Flute). When you purchase from Sand Blast every purchase comes from a real person, so customer service and satisfaction is their number one priority. All hand-crafted Wine Bottle Lights are boxed with a clam shell inner carton and outer shipping box for extra protection to ensure your product arrives to you safely.

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