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Budding Botanicals 

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

About The Owner

Meet Dawn Norby, the owner of her small business, Budding Botanicals. Dawn is a wife of 32 years and has 2 grown sons, Trevor is 24 and Drew is 22. Dawn is originally from California but moved to Texas in 2020. Currently her and her family are looking for some land to raise their own food and try to live off of the land. Dawn grew up in Costa Mesa, California graduating from Costa Mesa High School in 1984 then went to Orange Coast College. Dawn went from being a special education teacher to a full time mom once Trevor was born. She went back to work when both of her kids were full time in school. Her hobbies include baking, swimming and spending time with her family and friends.

History Of The Business

In 2006, her son, Trevor was diagnosed with Idiopathic Aplastic Anemia. He had treatments and was in remission. In 2011, he developed a secondary disease named PNH. The only cure for both of these is a bone marrow transplant. He was placed on the National Marrow Donor list and there were an incredible12 people who were a match! This is extremely uncommon. Most people have difficulty locating 1 match. This list was narrowed down to 3, then to 1. His donor was Thomas Markel from Germany and he was a perfect match! Before the transplant, Make A Wish approached us and offered Trevor a wish. His wish was granted and their family, and they went to Scotland for 10 days for Trevor to play golf. This wish ended up getting him through his transplant as he and his father had things to discuss when he was in pain to take his mind off of the pain. It was right there where Dawn decided she wanted to volunteer for Make A Wish so she could pay it forward. Once Trevor was deemed cured from his Aplastic Anemia, two weeks later,

Dawn was diagnosed with breast cancer. Going through a lot of what her son went through made them even closer since they could talk about what she should expect to happen to her body with all of the toxins of chemotherapy and radiation. The Make A Wish journey made her want to start her business as her first wish kiddo was suffering from leukemia. He was in a lot of pain from the chemotherapy and his mother and Dawn discussed CBD and it's benefits. She started researching and made a salve. He tried it and was able to get major relief from his joint discomfort. It was then she knew that wanted to help others find a way to get relief naturally.

Passion Of The Business

Dawn's biggest passion about Budding Botanicals is that she gets to educate so many people on the benefits of CBD and help them get off of pharmaceutical medications. She really enjoys talking to people and telling them all the benefits that CBD can do for them and their body. The real cherry on top is being able to see the real results that her products have on her customers, and receiving such good feedback from her customers. She loves being able to make a difference in their lives, either that is by just educating them on CBD or if it's by them being able to try her incredible products and having them see their own results firsthand. Dawn just loves being able to be apart of both sides of the process.

About The Business

Budding Botanicals started in 2013.They started in California but have taken the business with them to Texas,once they moved. Her youngest son continues to sell in California.

Products Offered

Budding Botanicals provides everything from tinctures, salves, collagen & CBD infused face creams, CBD capsules, lotions, to pet treats and tinctures for your pets. Their most popular products are their CBD and lemongrass infused mosquito repellent lotion and out X-itch stick. The X-itch helps relieve already present bug bites.

More Information About The Business

Budding Botanicals started as an all-natural, organic based product business. They have decided to never sway away from that. They take pride in making every product that they sell in small batches so we can control everything.

Future Plans For Budding Botanicals

They are in the process of launching their CBD infused shampoo and conditioner lines. They are ready to go but had a little bump in the road securing our specific packaging and labeling. As soon as these are done, they will be rolling them out.

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