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Cait Creates

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back to my blog! In today's post we are going to be taking a closer look at a small business called Cait Creates.

About The Owner

Meet Caitlyn aka Cait. She is the owner of Cait Creates. She loves nature, video games, sitcoms, collecting things and is a huge fan of anything art related. She has always considered herself to be pretty artistic. From a young age she tried singing but learned that wasn't her path in life. In 5th grade she followed in her older sisters footsteps by joining band and learned to play the drums. As she got older she learned to play a few more instruments and still loves music to this day. She was constantly doodling in class and art was one her favorite subjects in school. She was going to school for early childhood education and has been working in day cares the past 2 years. She is currently a nanny and working on getting her real estate license.

About The Business

Cait has always dreamed of owning her very own small business. When she was a child she use to go door to door selling baseball cards with her cousin and always begged her Mom to let her own a lemonade stand to earn some money too

Cait opened her business back in 2020 during the pandemic. When she first opened her business she went by the name of Caits Custom Shoppe, but shortly after she decided to change it to Cait Creates instead, which she thought would be easier for people to remember the name since it was shorter. Her business is based out of Akron, Ohio.

Products For Sale

Cait makes everything in her shop by herself. Her business specializes in resin based products such as car coasters, regular coasters, jewelry, key chains, trinket trays, self-defense tools, door signs, car decals, vinyl stickers, wine glasses. The wonderful thing about her product she sells is that they are all custom made. She loves creating products for her customers and loves trying out new things to create. Her most popular products that she sells in her shop are her trinket trays. She makes a few different styles one of the types that she creates is a very sturdy tray, hand painted, decorated any way that you'd like. It has a coating of resin, and usually has fabric covering the bottom and sides. There are a ton of different products that Cait Creates in her small business. I highly encourage you to go check out her page!

Contact Information

Instagram: @cait._.creates.


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