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Cake By Laura Newhouse

About The Owner

Meet the owner Laura Newhouse.She started baking when she was very young. She loved to bake for her little brothers. She had so much fun trying new recipes and they loved to be taste testers. She actually started with pancakes which isn't quite baking but she had to have tried 100 different pancake recipes. Those inspired her to start baking cookies and brownies and all sorts of confections. She first started making cakes when her oldest ( Collin age 10) was a baby.Laura thought it would be fun to learn how to do birthday cakes for him. Then she started making cakes for fun for friends and family any chance she had. After having her second son (Mason age 7) she decided to get a job at a bakery.

She was the cake decorator there and through lots of trial and error she taught myself how to make wedding cakes and sculpt with fondant. After getting some experience and getting better with her skill Laura started working at Chico Hotsprings.

It was a quite a huge step for her because she was making high end wedding cakes and there was a lot of pressure since she was only cake decorator. Laura decided to take another part time job at a new cake shop Moon River here in Livingston and worked both jobs until she had her 3rd child (Emmylou age 4). When her daughter was 6 weeks old she decided to get her cottage food license and bake cakes from home. She was shocked that my business took off right away.

About The Business

Laura's business is based out of Livingston MT. She has been in business for four years now. Her business is keeping her super busy. She has been continuing to stay booked out 6-12 months in advance. She is hoping to teach classes in the future for any of her clients that have the same passion that she has. Her most popular item that she created are her wedding cakes during the summer and birthday cakes in the fall/winter.

More Information

She wanted to open her own business so that she was able to make her own schedule and stay home with my children. Her biggest struggle has been time management. she will take orders that she thinks will only take a small amount of time only to end up staying up until early morning hours. Her favorite thing about owning her business is getting to make my own schedule. This can also be a con too because she tend to overbook herself.

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