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Cassie's Custom Creations

About The Owner

Meet Cassie Gubich, the owner of Cassie's Custom Creations. Cassie loves drawing, painting and loves seeing her art come to life through her business. All of the jobs that she has had have been helping the special needs community and also working at Dunkin donuts. She finished high school and never had the opportunity to go back to school, and just started working right away.

History Of The Business

Cassie opened her business a little over a year ago to make some extra money, and wanted to make custom products for different people. She started her business when her fiance bought her a cricut because she had been really interested in using her mom's and her fiance thought it would be a good way to get her started in owning her very own business! Her favorite part of owning her business is seeing peoples ideas come to life through art and her products that she creates for them.

About The Business

Cassie's Custom Creations sells many products including car decals, t-shirts, sweatshirts, custom home signs, and so much more.

All her products that she creates for her customers are fully customizable.

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