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Davinity's Beauty

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back to my blog. In today's post we are going to be taking a look at small business called Davinity's Beauty.

About The Owner

Meet Lashonta Fair, the owner of her small business called Davinity's Beauty. Lashonta is a 31 year old woman. She graduated high school in 2008! Her hobbies include all things beauty related such as shopping, makeup, clothes and everything in between. She also is a big fan of music, poetry, art and traveling. She is from Pontiac Michigan.

History Of The Business

Lashonta opened her small business three years ago. The name is dedicated to her great grandmother it’s her maiden name which is divinity she just changed the spelling so that she could incorporate her great grandmother in her business. Davinity's Beauty originally started as as a clothing line. She went to school for fashion as well. When she turned 29 she started researching how to outsource her designs and have someone else sew them but the cost was too much at the time, so she started researching other businesses and I found drop shipping. So she started looking at suppliers and looking at products and was unsuccessful in that path as well. She took a break for about 6 months and after that she found another drop shipping supplier who was based in Atlanta, and ever since then she has been in business!

About The Business


Since the end of 2019 she has been slowly expanding her online business. Currently in her store she carries the following items: beauty supplies, men’s hair products, makeup, clothes, etc. She is currently looking to open up a brick and mortar store. She also has plans to make her store into an app and have locations across the United States that deliver. Her most popular products she offers are her virgin hair bundles, wig glue, and clothes. Her business is currently based out of Pontiac Michigan, but she offers shipping all across the US. One very unique thing about her business is that she tries to understand each customer that visits her store and personalizes their experience every time they enter her store.

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