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About The Owners

Meet Jemma, Jazmin, and Khloe Bockenkamp, the mother daughter trio and owners of their small business Decdence. Jemma: Former licensed medical assistant, she has worked in a Medical Spa for many years and has been in the medical field for 13+ years. She loves to read, cook, bake, and she is always striving for a healthier more fulfilling lifestyle. She loves to spend time in nature with the trees. She finds it peaceful and calming Jazmin: Senior in High School. She is interested in sleeping, her boyfriend, and is a bit of a fashionista. Jazmin has a unique personality that changes as much as her hair color does. She is lively and spontaneous but can also be shy. Her current aesthetic is 2000’s emo. Jazmin is their social media and customer service master! Khloe: is in 8th grade and is very thirteen. She loves makeup and dressing to impress. She loves to sleep in and stay up late watching her latest binge worthy TV show, The Gilmore Girls has her undivided attention at the moment. Khloe is their quality control guru! She makes sure that they are constantly meeting their Decadence Promise in everything that they do. If it’s not environmentally friendly enough, it doesn’t happen. If it’s not uniform enough, it’s a it’s a redo. She keeps them focused and ensures their standards are met

History of The Business

They are launching on 10/1/22. They aren’t

currently open for business, but they are offering 15% off discount codes to anyone who signs up for their email list and becomes a Decadence Insider! Together they started this venture a few months ago. Jemma has been on a journey of selfcare, and self-love the last few years. Working on her health, learning to love herself, and growing closer with her children. In the last year She has lost over 100 pounds and started looking at other ways to take better care of herself. It was then when she had her first ever facial that she realized just how bad her skin was! So, she started a search for great skin care products she could afford and that held true to her environmentally conscious values. Everything she found was either out of budget or was made with fillers and chemical, and that's how Decadence was born.

About The Business

Decadence sells organic vegan skin care products. From moisturizers to serums to body scrubs, they have you covered. Their products are specially formulated to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, help repair and correct, all while providing that youthful glow! Clean is more than hype or a hashtag. It’s their mission. They do the work to examine what goes into products and onto your skin. . Clean means safe. Safe for people (yes, even sensitives) and safe for our planet. Here are our initiatives to change your skin health, and our world, for the better. You’re in good hands Decadence PROMISES to take care of you. When it comes to Decadence's skin care lines, you can expect all the beauty benefits, without any compromises. And when they say CLEAN, they mean it!

Contact Information

Website: (coming 10/1/22)


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