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Deep South Fireworks

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

About The Owner

Meet Devin Vargas, the owner of Deep South Fireworks. He spent 12 spent 12 years in the U.S. Army as a Tanker. After he served his time in the Army, he got out and wanted to still serve the community. He was able to find that through being a Firefighter/EMT for his local community. After doing that for a while he found his true passion was for fireworks and Deep South Fireworks was created!

History Of The Business

Devin has always loved fireworks and he first started out by doing firework shows for a local kickball team that he was apart of. As the shows grew, he started to educate myself on how to make the shows bigger and better and then created this company from a small kickball field in Columbus Georgia and now they cover 11 states! Devin opened his small business because he loves fireworks, and he loves the joy and passion that it brings to everyone! Devin got the name for his business (Deep South Fireworks) from the kickball team he use to play on, and that is also where he did his first firework show as well. Devin has owned his business for two years. They are based out of Middle Georgia, but they cover the entire south and Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky.

About The Business

Deep South Fireworks provides professional firework displays. They cover all types of events, but they specialize in weddings, gender reveals and major holidays. But the sky is the limit. There so many things that they offer. Deep South Fireworks can fully customize any firework display. They can go as far as syncing music to the fireworks, adding fireballs, spelling out names and words with fireworks and making a fully customized finale.

Other Information

Deep South Fireworks most popular service that they offer is their 2-minute wedding send off and their gender reveals. All of their employees are certified by the American Pyrotechnic Association, or another form of certification and they are fully insured for all their displays. They are also BBB accredited.

Deep South Fireworks has done shows for people from NFL players to major CEOs of some of the biggest companies in the country. There isn’t a show that is too big or too small for Deep South Fireworks!

Contact Information

TT: @DeepSouthFireworks


BBB: Deep South Fireworks LLC


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