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Dorosh Documentaries

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

About The Owners

Meet Nazari & Elisabeth Dorosh, the owners of Dorosh Documentaries.Nazari was born in Lutsk, Ukraine and is the youngest of 11 children. His family moved to the US in 1989 in pursuit of religious freedom. Elisabeth is the middle of 5 children. She went to the University of Pittsburgh to study nursing and worked as an RN for several years before transitioning full time to photo and video. Nazari loves playing tennis, flying his drone, a good poker night, and Bitcoin.Elisabeth loves being outside, exercising, and grabbing a cup of coffee or delicious meal with a friend. Together they enjoy watching movies, biking, pickleball, and spending as much time as we can with their two daughters.

History Of The Business

When Nazari was a teenager, his dad fell off of scaffolding and hit his head. Once he recovered, his memory wasn’t the same. He purchased a video camera to help him remember his life. Nazari often ‘stole’ this camera and fell in love with making videos so much so that he couldn’t see himself doing anything else with his life. Nazari & Elisabeth got married right out of college in 2011. At this time, wedding videos weren’t very common. However, since Nazari worked in video, they thought it made sense to have one. They were pretty young at the time and had a limited budget so they decided to have Nazari's uncle bring a camcorder and record footage of their big day. It took two years for them to get around to editing it into a wedding highlight, but when they finally got their video, they knew that everyone needed one of them as well! As fate would have it, a friend of a friend was getting married and at the last minute they wanted to add on a videographer. They hired them and that is where they fell in love with filming weddings together and have been doing it ever since!

About The Business

They have been in business Since 2014. Currently Dorosh Documentaries is based out of Pittsburgh, PA, but they are in the process of relocating to North Florida; St. John’s County. Their favorite thing about owing their very own business is the time flexibility that it brings and the fact that they get out of it what they put into it. They love seeing all of their clients happy from all the hard work they put in behind the camera's making their vision come to life.

Services Offered

Dorosh Documentaries offers Wedding videography (luxury wedding films), commercial video production, drone footage, and family and couple/engagement photography. Their most popular service that they offer are their wedding films, and commercials

More Information About The Business

They are currently offering discounted rates for 2 more brides getting married this year as they try to get more established in Florida! So if you are interested in Dorosh Documentaries services make sure you reach out to them right away.

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