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About The Owner

Meet Gwynne Rife, the owner of her small business called Enlivenadorn. She has been a dolphin trainer, professor, and jewelry designer and small business owner for 18 years. She has a PhD in Biological Science and is a professor of Science Education. She also has an MS in Marine Biology and a Master’s Degree (MAT) Master of Arts in Teaching. She is an empty nester who lives in a log home in NW Ohio, her studio is aloft in her log home. In her time off from jewlery making she loves meditation and yoga

Meaning Of The Name Enlivenadorn

Gwynne named her business from the handmade creations that she makes, some that are designed to “Enliven” your day, like magnifiers, bookmarks, shiny bowls, coffee scoop, fun cups and mugs embellished with natural stones or art glass and also “Adorn” because she loves to make jewelry like ocean themed necklaces, animal earring of carved stone, aromatherapy and zen aesthetic jewelry.

History Of The Business

Her first online jewelry sale was of an OSU buckeye necklace (to Texas though). She first started on eBay to sell her pieces, then later she moved on to ETSY, and now she has her own ecommerce store. She has been selling her creations online for more then 20 years. She wanted to open her business because she enjoys creating things for other people, and it truly makes her happy. She likes the journey of selling internationally that is offered by online sales. It gives her a sense of belonging and connection.

Products Offered

Gwynne sells Artisan Designed Gifts of Natural Stone Jewelry and Art Glass Home Décor to Enliven your Day and Adorn your Body. Her Top sellers are sodalite manatee earrings, porcelain animal bookmarks, and color change magnifier glasses.

Struggles With Being A Business Owner

The biggest struggle for Gwynne has been dealing with all the technology changes and social media over the years. Also as per trying to sell on ETSY all the changes to the algorithm that seems to stop her products from being seen. As per her current website visibly and reaching people who value handmade things and a naturecore aesthetic.

Future Plans For

Gwynne has a new collection in process with a sacred geometry theme and has been writing some blog posts about spiritual grids and how to use them as a mediation support. She would like to build her email list of “Gwynsider VIP’s” who get her newsletter about poems, zen content, gratitude giveaways, and ocean and animal jokes back up and keep providing not only marketing but interesting content. She use to have over 10,000 on her list when she was using it for Gwynstone Originals but since she moved to a new email service she lost all of her contacts.

Contact Information

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