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Fox Way Farm Co

About The Owner

Meet Sam Peine, the owner of Fox Way Farm Co.Sam is from a small town called Ellsworth WI! The cheesecurd capital of WI. She went to Winona State for 4 years for Nursing. She is currently a RN for her full time job. She has worked mostly in Oncology but currently she works in a Cardiology/Radiology hybrid position. She is a wife to a farmer and a mama to a two year old girl and soon to be little boy! They have a hobby farm in MN where her husband is from. Sam really loves being outside with her dogs and goats. She loves to hike and explore and she also loves to try new foods. She loves to craft and make new signs.

History Of The Business

Sam opened her small business Fox Way Farm Co a little over a year ago. Her business originally started off a hobby and then she grew to really enjoy making projects for others, she then decided to open her business. She wanted to open her business so she could channel her creative energy, sense she really doesn't have the chance with being a full time RN. Sam really enjoys making things for other people to add to their own homes!

About The Business

At Fox Way Farm Co they sell a variety of farmhouse style home decor, wood wedding decor and most recently, farmhouse nursery decor. They sell supplies as well like Pre- made bows for wreaths or other DIY projects, pre cut greenery, stained/painted wood beads for crafts as well! They also take custom orders which is one of Sam's favorites to do for her customers!

Other Information

Fox Way Farm Co most popular product are their pre-made bows and their door hanger that says Welcome We Hope You Love Dog Hair! Sam's favorite thing about owning her business is being able to create when she wants to, completely on her own schedule and she love interacting with her customers, communicating with them and seeing how they use their products or to see them set up in their homes! Sam will say yes to just about any custom order that is thrown her away so if you have any ideas up your sleeve send over a message to Sam and she can make your vision come to life with her creative flair!

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