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Giddy Vibes

About The Owners

Meet Vanessa and James Peel, the owners of Giddy Vibes. They are a married couples and together they have two small children. They live in Australia where they run their small business. Vanessa works in Marketing as her full time job and runs her small business on the side. James works for an Australian bank in UX and contributes to the business when he is off from his job. Vanessa loves history, movies, dancing, music and going on boats. James is an avid golfer who also loves movies, and swimming in the pool.

History Of The Business

Giddy Vibes started about a year and half ago. Vanessa came up with the idea because she couldn’t find any matching Christmas PJs that she liked in store for her family, and none that were flattering on adults either. All the designs she found had snowy designs on them, which is completely un relatable to people living in Australia where Christmas is the hottest time of the year. The fabrics were also not breathable, which meant if you bought them you would really only be wearing them to capture a family photo, and then would soon change into something more comfortable. Vanessa set out to design some for the Australian lifestyle and climate, with designs which also celebrated the relaxed nature of Christmas, also once that were flattering on parents, and more relaxed patterns for the men’s so dad would want to participate too!

About The Business

Giddy Vibes sells matching Christmas PJs for the whole family, with sizes from newborn to nanny. They are made out 100% organic cotton, which is lightweight, soft and breathable and super comfortable. Their pajamas also have pockets which is super great too!! Vanessa and James favorite thing about owning their own business is the creativeness it allows them to have, and also being able to bring joy to other families at Christmas time!

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