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Glitter and Chrome

About The Owner

Meet Amanda Lorge, the owner of her small business called Glitter and Chrome. Amanda has worked in the construction industry since she graduated from college. She also works at a natural bath store for fun. She volunteers with a crisis response team, she has a virtual assistant business called Elegant Strategies. In her free time she love to read and cuddle with her fur baby.

History The Business

Amanda grew up going to car shows and drag races with her dad. She even raced in high school and college as well. She has always loved the color combinations and styles that cars have but she was never able to find nail polish to match her favorite cars. She decided that she wanted to try and create a new niche in the cosmetics industry and the motorsports industry.

About The Business

Amanda's business Glitter and Chrome is based out of Appleton, WI. She has been in business for about a year and a half. She sells motorsports and car themed cosmetics. Her most popular product that she sells is a holographic nail polish called Pit Lizard.

Perks and Obstacles With Owning A Business

Amanda's favorite thing about owning her business is that she gets to pick out the names and colors. She really enjoys getting to build what she wants to see. The hardest thing for her has been dealing with supply chain issues. To order a new product from one of her suppliers can take almost three months. She has to try to guess what products of hers are going to be big sellers when she places an order for the business.

Future Plans For The Business

Amanda has an upcoming collaboration with a business with similar goals as hers. She will also be having a new set of nail polish and lip colors coming this summer. Amanda has future goals for her business to be in souvenir and gift shops at major races and car shows.

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