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Hidden Gems Travel by Jules

About The Owner

Meet Julie (Jules) Dibble, the owner of Hidden Gems Travel by Jules. She graduated from Bowling Green State University in 2021 with a bachelor's in psychology & neuroscience. She is currently in grad school on a fast track (finishing a 7yr program in 3 years) for clinical mental health counseling. She's earned her place in 4 different exclusive honor societies and has maintained a perfect 4.0 GPA in all of her courses so far. Jules really enjoys learning. Jules has mainly worked in retail and the medical field, which she loved, but since COVID, both fields have become very unhealthy for her to stay in. In her free time she enjoy's binging shows/movies/or podcasts. She loves spending time with her dogs (Toast & Forrest) & her fiance, Ethan. She keeps busy with doing all of her coursework which is usually 12 pages a week. She is often on the phone with her sisters or nieces for hours daily.

Name Behind The Business

Julie had a very close and special relationship with her grandma. She was everything to her. In September 2017, her health rapidly declined, and she passed. She wasn't there with her. Julie had just started her first semester of college 3+ hours away, and that broke her heart. Her grandmother had always called her Julie Jules. She started to go by Jules instead of Julie to keep her memory around.

History Of The Business

Jules opened her business at the end of January, so this is a brand new adventure for her! She wants to help everyone that she can plan a dream vacation that may seem out of reach financially. The grind culture is toxic, and the work-life balance is unrealistic. She often jokes with her sisters "If I'm going to be stressed, I'd rather it be on a beach somewhere." She really loves what she is able to do for people.

Services Offered

  • Bundling Flight/hotel/cars

  • Booking exciting experiences, like Disney World, and other excursions

  • Destination weddings (can offer group discounts!), honeymoons, bachelor/bachelorette, business conventions...

  • Extensive research into the trip

  • Clients can also book houses, cabins, condos, trains...

  • So much more! (For more info message to Jules)

About The Business

Hidden Gems Travel by Jules is based out of NW Ohio. Jules has the flexibility of owning her online business to be able to work with clients all over the world. Jules gets the opportunity to work with so many vendors in the travel industry that she can offer exclusive prices that will absolutely not be found anywhere else!

Future Plans For The Business

Jules has a lot of future plans for her business, but her biggest one would be to offer Giveaways for her clients. She would love to be able to do bigger giveaways and send small gifts to her clients when they book their vacations with her, even if it is just a luggage tag. Jules is also hoping to reach 10,000 followers within the next few years, and also open a small Brick and Motar for her business.

More Information

Jules wants to be that person that makes her clients feel like family. She will be available for questions or a walk through. During her certification process she has learned that many older adults reported their biggest regret was not traveling.

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