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Inclusive Design

Updated: May 30, 2023

About The Owners

Meet Sarah Czech and her husband, Bailey Scroggs. They are the owners of their small business called Inclusive Design. Sarah is a 26 year old Washington native who has a big passion for politics, design, faith, and Corgis. Her and her husband and both served in the Marine Corps for the last 8 years. Sarah recently finished her service and went back to school. Bailey is still in and is set to commission as an Officer in the Marines in December of 2023. They ended up turning their hobby into a business, which is pretty cool! Aside from working on their business together they also enjoy playing and writing music, and playing with their two Corgis, Stinky Pete and Dirty Harry.

History Of The Business

Sarah and Bailey started their business together a little over a year ago. They realized that if they were having trouble finding affordable, quality furniture, other people must be too. After they discussed the options that they came up with their family and friends, they decided that this was a venture worth pursuing, and decided to make it a business. They love being able to provide beautiful, quality products at an affordable price. They love helping people make their homes beautiful, and realize that beauty is attainable in every social class.

About The Business

Inclusive Design is based out of Oceanside, California. They operate their business from their own home (in the garage). They refinish and build custom furniture, and they have recently begun designing and completing small home projects for their clients, which includes custom built-ins and other non-structural home updates. Their dressers and nightstands are their most popular pieces that they sell. Space is a commodity in California, and quality furniture that doesn’t exceed the budget is quite hard to find. they don't believe clients should settle for low quality.

Obstacles With Owning Their Business

The biggest struggle for Sarah and Bailey with owning their business has been selling any product with a price tag over $100.

It has also been difficult because they don't have a store that their customers can just browse through.Many people still find it challenging to spend $300-$500 on a single piece of furniture, so bartering for them often occurs, which is super challenging for them. Their pieces take a lot of time to create, anywhere from 15-30 hours of hard labor restoring or building a piece of furniture. The economy has also been very hard on their small businesses over the last few months, with inflation affecting every aspect of their supply chain, but they still don’t want to raise their prices.

Future Plans For The Business

Sarah and Bailey want to grow their business by expanding into multiple brick-and-mortar locations. They would love to be able to provide a location for vendors to sell their own custom furniture, as well as provide a space to work with their clients on bigger interior design projects. They also want to expand the Inclusive Design brand to include everything from project design to installation.

More Information About The Business

Inclusive Design offers custom builds, but they also offer custom refinishing. They can pick up your old piece of furniture, restore it, and bring it back to you looking like a whole new piece, that you might not recognize. They aim to work with people’s budgets at much as possible, and help them achieve the exact look or design they want.

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