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Inklings Baby

About The Owners

Meet Aimee Danchise & Alexis Mason the owners of Inklings Baby. Lex and Aimee have been best friends since Sophomore year of high school. Aimee has a background in product development in fashion and Lex is a writer. They are both from Wayne, NJ.

History Of The Business

Inklings Baby launched in 2018 with a Kick starter. When Aimee's daughter Evie was born, she received a ton of boring grey bunnies and brown teddy bears. They all wondered where the cool, weird colorful toys that they played with in the 80s went. That's how they found the hole in the marketplace for cool baby toys that helped spread the message that it's okay to be different. It's okay to stand out. Lex dreamed up Inklings from a "spark of imagination" mixed with a nod to "The Inklings" which was a writers group that loved fiction & fantasy & included J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis. Their dream was to create a brand that supported their beliefs and helped to make the world a better place. They both also wanted the freedom and flexibility that comes with running thier own business while raising kids.

About The Business

Inklings Baby creates colorful, quirky soft toys and infant novels based on imaginary friends. Their best selling character is Ollie the Oddball Oddbird who comes in their plush toy and book set and activity toys. But their latest Pride Launch of Rainbow Wobby is quickly becoming a fan favorite. They believe that celebrating diversity starts in the nursery. Each infant novel tells the story of how a bored baby imagines her new best friend to go on amazing adventures with. Inklings are activity toy focused, unique and gender neutral. The babies in each of their infant novels are of a different race, gender and family dynamic. They are majority women, part LGBTQ owned, they wanted to give back to a charity that we believe in. They met the awesome team behind the Real Mama Bears and joined their Giving Circle with the Legacy Collective and put their logo on all our packaging to help spread their message.

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