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Johnsondon Art

About The Owner

Meet Don Johnson, the owner of Johnsondon Art. He currently works a full time in the oil and gas industry, and he is making art and building this business on the side. He loves to paint, golf, and he keeps up with sports and history. He studied business and art at Augustana University and earned his Masters Degree in Fine Art at the University of Idaho.

History Of The Business

Don started his small business about 2 years ago and has been working really hard to get noticed in the community. He has always painted for him self but now he is pushing to make it a real business. He began doing commissions a couple years ago painting people's pets and the ball has just kept rolling with new idea. He started his business because he want to become financially free and building art on side made much more sense to him than picking up a second job. He also believe that he can make this into a full time career in the future, which is what his big plan over all is.

About The Business

Don's business is based out of Denver Colorado. He paints original paintings and also creates commissioned paintings. He also sell prints of his artwork that he creates. His most popular pieces are his commissioned paintings. His customers can request anything from paintings of their pets, landscapes, portraits, paintings for their office or lake homes. He will paint anything that is requested, as long as they are a fan of his style of painting. His business business is just me, the paintings and the marketing are all me and you can't find paintings or funny marketing videos like mine anywhere else!

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