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Just For You Catering

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back to my blog! In today's post we are going to be learning more about a small business called Just For You Catering

About The Owner

Meet Melody Lyle the owner of Just For You Catering. Melody lives in Woodstock Georgia. In her free time away from running her own small business Melody enjoys hiking, kayaking and almost anything involving water. She loves to cook for others and also loves to decorate and entertain.

History Of The Business

Melody opened her small business back in 2013. She decided to combine her love for cooking and entertaining into a business. She wanted freedom from the corporate world. Melody worked for FedEx Ground for 23 years and wanted to finally do her catering full time.Back in high school Melody worked in her parents restaurant. Her and her mom and hated the restaurant end but loved the catering part of the food business, which is another reason she decided to make a business out of something she loved doing!

About The Business

Melody wanted something that her business could have a little something for everyone, and she wanted to make each client feel like everything is created just for them. Just for you catering offers full service catering as well as private chef services. They also provide weekly meals, dinner parties and everything in between. This amazing small business make everything from scratch from their Gravies, salad dressings, sauces, mashed potatoes.... everything is made in house and made with lots of love! Their menus contains tons of different items from Appetizers, Entress', Salads, Desserts, Drinks and so much more. Their most popular food item that they have is their Bacon Candy which sounds amazing!

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