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Just like Nanna's

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back to my blog. In today's post we are going to be taking a closer look at small business called Just like Nanna's, which is food related business!

About The Owner

Meet Tatum Poole, the owner of Just like Nanna's. She is from Trenton South Carolina. In her free time Tatum loves to bake. She is a big fan of numbers, and also loves playing her all time favorite game minesweeper.

History Of The Business

Tatum opened her small business about two months ago. She wanted to honor her grandmother by opening her small business hence why she calls her business Just like Nanna's. The reason why Tatum opened her own business is because she has a chronic back condition with no medical options for the near future. Which means she may not be able to ever work a normal work schedule must longer. She was thinking about something that she could do for the rest of her life and only thing that came to mind was baking.

About The Business

Currently Just like Nanna's sells cupcakes in tons of different flavors. She also sell pies, cakes, and cookies seasonally. Tatum loves turning her families dessert recipes into delicious cupcakes that her customers can enjoy. Her most popular item are her red velvet cupcakes.

Contact Information

Instagram: @just_like_nannas


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