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Lane Business Consulting

About The Owner

Meet Lorraine Lane, the owner of her small business Lane Business Consulting. Her career started in the high tech industry as a Human Resources manager and the last 8 years she was with a company, she served as the Training and Development Manager for the management staff across the US.She has 25 years experience consulting with both large enterprises and small businesses. In Lorraine's free time away from running her small business she enjoys spending time with her family but cooking delicious meals together. She also really loves gardening and has quite the green thumb. She really enjoys growing African Violets which are her favorite.

History About The Business

Lorraine had no interests in owning her own business she never imagined she would have done that. She was laid off from her corporate job which she really enjoyed doing at that time. This was during the deep recession, which at this time was very difficult time to find a job. She took every free lance gig that she could find and realized that she had started a business, and then kept up with doing it ever since then

About The Business

Lane Business Consulting has been in business for over 20 years. She is based out of Land O’ Lakes, FL (which is near Tampa FL)

She offers executive and business coaching. She works one on one and with groups. She also develops and facilitate trainings and programs.

Perks & Obstacles About Owning Their Business

Lorraine's favorite thing about owning her business is that loves that she can help her clients get out from under the stress and overwhelm feeling that they might have as they struggle to build their businesses. With her executive clients, she helps them step into the leadership role that they assumed with their promotion. The biggest challenge with owning her business has been the marketing and finding clients, this became much harder as well when COVID hit.

Services Offered

Speaking Engagements: Looking for a speaker or presenter for your management meeting, annual retreat or other business or social event? Considering a brown-bag or luncheon program with a series of topics? We offer a variety of talks on today’s hot topics in business and management. We can also accommodate requests for customized presentations.

Lunch ‘n Learn Workshops: Looking for an instructor or speaker for your training program, management meeting, or business networking event? Considering a monthly brown-bag or company-sponsored luncheon program? We are available to present a variety of 45-60 minute mini-seminars on today’s hot topics in business and management. We can also accommodate requests for customized workshops.

Corporate Training: Looking for an instructor or facilitator for your training program, management meeting, annual retreat or business event? We offer a variety training programs on today’s key topics in business, organization, leadership and management. And we specialize in customizing our training programs to meet your specific needs.

Future Plans For The Business

Lorraine is starting a group that will meet every other week to focus on building their network while networking. This is a beta test to try out some ideas. This program is free. She is just asking for a commitment to show up and to provide feedback on the learning and experiments that they will be conducting. Covid hit her business hard and she been rebuilding since March, 2020. One of her goals is to get back to generating the income that she lost in 2020.

Books Available To Purchase

Not only does Lorraine own her small business but she has also written two books as well. The first one being called "Get It Right or You’ll Regret It" In this book you will learn that As A Manager Your Most Important Job Is Hiring And Developing A Great Team

The Second book is called "Business-Building Referrals". “Will you play big? Or will you play safe? That is the question. Business-Building Referrals will give you the tools you need to play big—and win the referral game.”

Both of these book are available to purchase on Lorraine's website.

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