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Little Buddy Productions

About The Owner

Meet David Weimer, the owner of Little Buddy Productions. He has been a Full Time Firefighter/Paramedic for around 12 years. He lives in Melissa, TX and is a father of two boys. He started his career in the IT industry in his early twenties, and became quite successful in it working his way up the corporate ladder. After almost a decade into it he realized that he hated it, not because it was hard work but because he felt at the end of the day all he accomplished was making a corporation more money.In his 30’s he decided to change direction and became a Full Time Firefighter/Paramedic

History Of The Business

David opened his business in March of 2021. Through his whole career he spent some time with video editing and creation. He loved tapping into his creative side of himself. He has been a movie buff his whole life and is a total sucker for a good montage, being a music buff as well he loves how the music tells just as much of the story as the dialogue. He has been making training and instructional videos for his Fire Department and he decided during Covid to start taking online courses on video editing and production. Through the urging of his wife he decided to take the leap and start Little Buddy Productions and start telling peoples stories.

About The Business

Little Buddy Productions is based out of DFW Metroplex, however David is willing and hoping to travel with his business for his future clients that come his way. Little Buddy productions offers affordable filming and Production catering to Public Safety agencies, non-profits, businesses of all sizes. They provide videos ranging from documentaries, promotional, instructional, to recruitment. They also do weddings and Real Estate walk-throughs. He enjoys working with small businesses, he likes to help them promote their business without breaking their budget.

Other Information

Little Buddy Productions most popular service that they offer is their Public Safety Promotional Videos David's first job was for the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb, an event in Downtown Dallas that he has participated in for many years that honors the first responders that perished that day. It was a super rewarding and stressful experience all at the same time. He was been blessed to work with some great organizations recently. He did his first documentary on the History of Wylie Fire Rescue which spanned from 1909 to present day.

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